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  •  JQ Vertical Concrete Mixer
  •  JQ Vertical Concrete Mixer
 JQ Vertical Concrete Mixer JQ Vertical Concrete Mixer

JQ Vertical Concrete Mixer

  • Product description: JQ Vertical Concrete Mixer for concrete block machine ,cement brick making machine

JQ vertical concrete mixer

The HGMA JQ Vertical Concrete Mixer is a new type of concrete mixer, suitable for general highways, power plants, dam construction projects, building construction, pavement, highway bridges, hydropower projects, large and medium-sized prefabricated plants and other engineering projects. It has the advantages of stable operation, low energy consumption, compact structure, reliable transmission system, light key and high productivity. It can be mixed with plastic deformation, dry forcing, circulating concrete, light stone and cement mortar. Straight mouth mixer mixing drum is composed of abs ring gear transmission system. During operation, it is rotating and mixing, turning over the feed. It can mix plastic deformation and semi-dry forced soil. It is composed of batching machine and can form small and medium-sized mixing station. Quick and tidy; convenient maintenance and cost saving and beautiful and elegant design; high production efficiency.

Performance characteristics of JQ vertical concrete mixer:

The HGMA JQ Vertical Concrete Mixer is an excellent and ideal model of all countries in the world at this stage, with high level of automation technology, high cost performance of mixing, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, convenient actual operation, faster material pouring, jaw plate And leaves have a long service life, convenient maintenance and other advantages. It is suitable for mixing plastic deformation, dry force, light aggregate concrete and various mortar and cement mortar. The machine uses mobile feed, which can be applied to the supporting facilities of the dump truck. It is an ideal equipment for various constructions.

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