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Free Pallets Block Machine

  • pallets free block machine
pallets free block machine

pallets free block machine

  • Product description: pallets free block making machine
Pallets-free block machine Characteristics:
1、No pallets are needed, can be palletized immediately after forming, saving the time and cost of pallets' loading and unloading.
2、Pressure fast, high degree of automation.
3、The skip car is designed with double deceleration motor, and the material is agitated quantitatively by rotating at the same time. The material distribution speed is fast and uniform.
4、The application of synchronous drive of material distribution and brick-clipping airbag makes the product airbag flexibly clamp and move quickly, and realizes the function of no bracket.
5、Products are more compact and uniform.
6、Reduce the friction coefficient of products at high pressure.

8、The equipment runs more stably.

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