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  • concrete block stacker
concrete block stacker

concrete block stacker

  • Product description: concrete block stacker,cement brick stacker,

Fujian Quanzhou HGM Machinery  manufacturer produces and sells free-burning brick stacking machine, free-burning brick palletizing machine, hollow brick mould, non-burning brick yard board machine, hollow brick machine, free-burning brick automatic cement brick stacking machine with movement Automatic laminating machine, fixed laminating machine, non-burning brick laminating machine is a device for realizing automatic palletizing of cement blocks, which can save manpower and improve production efficiency. It is an ideal supporting equipment for large brick manufacturers. . Mobile automatic laminating machine: standard bricks can be coded 5-6 plates at a time, double rows can be coded 10-12 plates, and three rows can be coded 15-18 plates. Suitable for forklift work. Fixed stacking machine: hollow brick can be 垛 3-4 slab, standard brick 5-6 slab, after the code is good, directly pull the manpower to the venue.

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