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  • brick pallets separator
brick pallets separator

brick pallets separator

  • Product description: brick pallets separator,cement brick stacker,

HGMA Brick Pallets Separator

HGMA brick pallets separator palletizer is the equipment that FUjian HGM Machinery Company developed, machinery and equipment which can achieve the function for complete curing of the cement block and brick stack brick pallet separation and automatic stacking, in the practical application, its function for automatic stacking and automatic stacking brick stack from brick pallet which saves labor costs, and improve work efficiency.

Huayuan brick pallets separator palletizer was widely used, is suitable for: hollow concrete block, colored pavement brick, solid standard brick, brick and other bricks. It can be done brick conservation automatic palletising stacked bricks meanwhile pick up the pallets, then go to the folder automatically stacked pallet, the machine greatly saves the brick yard and stacked pallets working time and improve productivity, while reducing production costs.

Brick Pallets Separator Features:

1, the machine uses of electricity, liquid integrated combination of techniques, procedures interlock, safe and reliable equipment operation per cycle consistent process.
2, the machine uses high-precision, high-strength castings and special welding techniques and materials, rigid, vibration-resistant, long life.
3, the machine is simple and flexible, reasonable mechanism optimized vision.
4, the electrical system and monitor the use of international brand Siemens programmable logic controller PLC, fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual operation. Automatic cycle operation, with data input and output devices, the control system includes security logic control and fault diagnosis system.
Technical parameters:
QTY: 54pcs (standard bricks)
total power: 12.5kw
up and down stroke: 1.2m
right and left stroke: 1.7m
machine weight: 1500kg
dimension: 4675*2071*2210mm
operation ways: bin-direction clamping, right and left working(could assembly 90°rotation base cuber
cuber cycle: 20-30s/layer
max clamping weight: ≥500kg
min clamping brick height: ≥65mm

main clamp max spacing: L1100*W1000

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