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  • brick loader forklift
brick loader forklift

brick loader forklift

  • Product description: Brick Clamp Equipment,brick loader forklift

Concrete Block and Brick Clamp Forklift

Block clamp can clamp various stone and block units ssftly and efficiently, Applied in fields like brick, hollow block prefab concrete, and stone slab, etc. non pallet conveying and stacking process.
* Adopt full steel complete frame, high density, can meet the requirement of high forcing performance.
* Self-lubricate sliding brace, installation firm and stable, longer life-span.
* Unique hydraulic design, ensuring moving right and left smoothly while clamping status, easy to lay out.
* Optimized structure ensure nice visual field.
* Adopting T sliding sheft with high force and bear equally.
* With disassembly wearable bar, easy to replace when it worn out, saving cost

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