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  • Manual Forklift
Manual Forklift

Manual Forklift

  • Product description: Manual Forklift,Manual hydraulic forklift

The manual forklift is a small-volume hydraulic handling and logistics equipment. It is easy to operate, convenient and fast. It is designed to be a good helper for all kinds of supermarkets, workshops, warehouses and other transportation goods. Due to the simple manufacturing process of manual forklifts, many manual hydraulic forklift brands have appeared on the market, which makes consumers unable to choose. So, which brand of Zhongshan manual forklift is good? Here, Jianghui manual hydraulic forklift is recommended. Not only is the quality good, the price is very affordable, and the after-sales service is also in place.

Manual hydraulic forklift

The handle of the manual hydraulic forklift is ergonomically designed with three functions of lifting, handling and lowering. The overall casting cylinder is beautiful in appearance, durable and durable. It is made of high-quality steel plate, chrome-plated piston rod, internal relief valve provides overload protection, fast speed control, and the valve core adopts integral parts to reduce maintenance costs.

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