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  • JS750 concrete mixer
JS750 concrete mixer

JS750 concrete mixer

  • Product description: JS750 concrete mixer for concrete block machine

JS750 concrete mixer

JS750 compulsory concrete mixer has the advantages of reliable transmission, low noise, low energy consumption, compact structure, smooth running, easy operation, good mixing quality, big stirring force, small power consumption, strong power, and builtin vortex mixer prevents the material knot in the hopper, etc.

This mixer includes a planetary mixing system, vortex mixing system, mixing shaft, discharge system, the discharge port, mixer rack and chassis and so on.

Technical parameters
Model JS750
Discharging capacity 750L
Feeding capacity 1200L
Productivity ≥37.5m³/h
Maxium aggregate size(pebble/crushed stone) 80/60
Mixing blade Rotation speed 31r/min
Quantity 2×7
Mixing motor Model Y200L-4
Power 30kw
Hoist motor Model YEZ132M-4-B5
Power 7.5KW
Water pump motor Model 65DWB35-8A
Power 1.1KW
Lifting speed 18m/min
Dimension Conveying 3650× 2600× 2890mm
Working 4951× 3650× 6225mm
Total weight 5500kg
Discharging height 1600mm

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