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Hydraulic Press Block Machine

  • 300T hydraulic curbstone molding machine
300T hydraulic curbstone molding machine

300T hydraulic curbstone molding machine

  • Product description: 300T Paving Brick Making Machine,hydraulic press block machine,concrete block making machine,

Hydraulic machinery refers to machines that use high pressure fluid to accomplish work. They are most common in heavy equipment for industrial use. More specifically hydraulic fluid is pumped to a high pressure level and then moved throughout the machines by different actuators. The hydraulic pump itself is powered by a regular engine or electric motor.

The pressurized fluid is distributed through various hoses and tubes. To really get a grasp on the power of hydraulic machinery, you'll want to read about the theory behind it.

Main Technical Parameters
Max pressure 3000KN Cylinder diameter 360mm
Pump pressure 31.5MPa Pump displacement 63ml/r
Motor power 16.5KW/380V Machine Size

Production/8hours 600~800pcs(Paving stone)

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