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How to choose cement brick machine model

As an indispensable combination of building material production and processing equipment, cement brick machine has many types and different models. The information of these models can reflect the main types and main technical parameters of its own cement brick machine. Generally speaking, ordinary models of cement brick machine are mainly divided into semi-automatic brick machine and fully automatic brick machine production line. For example, QT6-15 model, 6 represents 390 * 190 * 190 large concrete blocks to produce 6 blocks It takes 15 seconds of molding time. Cement brick machine series, equipment types, equipment specifications and many other information.
 1. Through the main model, you can learn the main classification of cement brick machine, its structural characteristics, and the manufacturer's project code.
For a cement brick machine without any classification, the classification of the equipment can be determined by its own nature. Its structural code and other project codes can be determined by our manufacturers according to the product specifications. All of the time, The same cement brick machine equipment has different names for different manufacturers.
2. The second auxiliary model can mainly remind us of the main parameters of the device, the information of the derived order and design order, etc.
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