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how much a hydraulic block making machine price

    If you are looking for related products or have any other questions, you can call Huagong Machinery Company's sales hotline at any time: 15375766222 Online consultation Coal is one of the energy commonly used in human production activities. It is a relatively widely distributed fossil energy. Industrial production and human activities are indispensable. The mining and supply of coal are related to all aspects of industry and society. Coal brick is an important processing process before it is applied in the industry. It is also a popular project invested by many users. There are many types of brick making equipment on the market. Various production lines are dazzling. The monthly output of coal is 30,000 tons. The brick production line is to choose more configurations, the output size is appropriate, and the investment cost is moderate. It is favored by users. The daily output is about 1,000 tons, which is equivalent to 100-150 tons. Then the detailed production line configuration process is How about it? How much does it cost to buy a set? Let's find out below.
I. Specific configuration plan of coal brick production line with a monthly output of 30,000 tons For coal brick making, the general process is coarse crushing, screening, and medium fine crushing. The particle size of the finished product is formulated according to the user's choice, so there are different configuration schemes. .

Configuration scheme of cement brick machine manufacturers

Option 1: Cement-free board cement brick machine + vibrating feeder + conveyor + vibrating screen + static pressure cement brick machine, etc., when the output is 100-150 tons, the finished product specifications: 0-10, 10-20, 20-30mm , The feed size is less than 700mm, is a fixed production line, the cost is estimated at about 550,000 yuan.
Solution 2: Heavy semi-automatic cement brick machine + vibrating feeder + conveyor + vibrating screen, etc., when the output is 150-20000 pieces, the finished product specifications: 0-10mm, the feed size is less than 300mm, the type of production line is fixed, it is expected The investment cost is 500,000 yuan.
Solution 3: HD pallet-free cement brick machine + vibrating feeder + conveyor + vibrating screen + PC imitation stone cement brick machine + brick making machine, etc., with an hourly output of 120-150 tons, finished product specifications: 0-5,5- 10,10-20mm, feed size is less than 500mm, fixed production mode, investment estimate is 1.3 million yuan. The above are three different coal brick production lines with different output granularity and equipment types. Users can choose according to actual conditions.

Cement brick machine price

How much is a coal brick production line with a monthly output of 20,000 tons? The specific price of the production line still needs to be determined according to the user's choice. The price of the equipment will be different depending on the configuration options. The quotation will also be different. Fujian Huagong Machinery is a professional manufacturer that can provide users with a variety of production line configurations and can also be tailored. Welcome to consult the manufacturer at any time to purchase.


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