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Construction waste block making machine manufacturers

With the rapid urbanization construction, for many years, China has mainly used clay sintering to make bricks. Clay is used as the main raw material to destroy arable land. Moreover, sintered clay production consumes high energy. The preparation of sintered bricks with mud or silt plays an important role in protecting cultivated land and saving energy.

Construction waste brick making machine manufacturers

    China's large-scale development of highways, railways, water conservancy and hydropower, and housing construction has increased the demand for burn-free brick aggregates, while natural river sand mining is banned, and the supply is insufficient to support market demand. Many customers have seized this. Opportunity, the establishment of a factory for the production of non-fired brick aggregates not only eased the current situation of market resource shortages, but also created higher economic returns. The production of non-fired brick aggregates at the non-fired brick production site requires the configuration of production lines. There are a variety of configuration schemes for brick machine production line manufacturers. Users need to choose a suitable solution, use construction waste as aggregate, and produce 10,000 bricks per day. The brick production line is just right, the production capacity is suitable, and the configuration is a good choice.

 10,000 standard brick construction waste brick making machine equipment production line

Detailed configuration plan one: raw material warehouse, vibrating feeder, hydraulic cement brick machine, B1600 × 20m conveyor, intermediate silo, B1600 × 10m conveyor, HXVSI8518 brick making machine, 2YK3072 vibrating screen (4 units), B1000 × 20 meters conveyor (4 sets) and so on.
Detailed configuration plan two: raw material warehouse, HD98 pallet-free cement brick machine, B1000 × 35m conveyor, pallet-free brick machine, 2YK20 vibrating screen, B1000 × 28m conveyor (2 units), etc.
Detailed configuration plan three: raw material warehouse, ZSW490 × 110 vibrating feeder, concrete brick making machine, B650 × 18 meter conveyor, 2YK1545 vibrating screen, B1000 × 39 meter conveyor, etc.
The above are just three of the many production line configurations, and there are more configuration options. Users can choose according to the actual production situation. For specific options, you can consult the manufacturer.
Advantages of 10,000 Nissan Brick Construction Waste Brick Production Line
1. High degree of automation. Multiple conveyor belts connect different equipment. After the startup of each equipment, the degree of automation is high, and the entire production line runs efficiently and orderly.
2. Advanced technology, reasonable matching between equipment, processed products have good grain shape, less impurities, and have wide sales channels in the market, which bring higher profits for users.
3. Energy saving and environmental protection. There is a dust-reduction and noise-reduction device at the connection of the production line, and a spray device at the production site, which can effectively absorb dust pollution during production, reduce production noise, and have less impact on the environment.

The daily production of 10,000 pieces of brick making site map. 

How much is the price of one thousand tons of construction waste brick making machine per day? From the configuration schemes of the several production lines introduced above, it can be seen that the supporting equipment for different materials is different, and different production The type of equipment selected in the scheme is also different, so the investment cost is different. If users want to know the specific quotation, they can consult the customer service staff of Fujian Huagong Machinery for free, and the professional technicians can customize the production for you.


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