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brick machine price

Automatic cement brick machine to produce permeable bricks?

Price of automatic cement brick machine

If you are looking for related products or have any other questions, please feel free to call our company's sales hotline: 15375766222 Online consultation Relatively speaking, coal has a relatively high utilization rate in winter. Use of coal resources. Untreated coal is large and cannot be directly used in various industries, and cannot be burned fully, resulting in a waste of resources, so many users have recently come to consult coal processing equipment "40 tons of coal per hour, which one to use Equipment is better? Is a fully automatic cement brick machine feasible? How much is it for one? "

In view of users' doubts, this article fully introduces the fully automatic cement brick machine for everyone, hoping to reduce your confusion. as follows:

Product features of water brick machine

I. Which equipment is better to produce 40 tons of coal per hour? In the building materials equipment market, many equipment such as: free-board cement brick machine, static pressure cement brick machine, semi-automatic cement brick machine, fully automatic cement brick machine, etc. can perform brick making operations on coal. Production value, so the production requirement of 40 tons of coal per hour is even more important. Compared to other brick making equipment, the price of automatic cement brick machine should be a lot better. In the case of the same effect on coal brick, of course, users are recommended. Choose an affordable roller cement brick machine equipment.

Second, the advantages and models of 40 tons of coal automatic cement brick machine 1, the discharge port is adjustable, the user can adjust the discharge port according to the size of coal particles, the brick making effect can better meet the production needs. 2. Wide range of application. It can be used to make bricks for coal, fly ash, bentonite, weathered stone, dolomite, ore, etc. Fully automatic cement brick machine can be widely used in sand concrete field, ore mining, building materials, construction and other industries. 3. Long life of wearing parts. The wearing parts such as rollers are made of high manganese steel with good abrasion resistance. The replacement cycle is extended, reducing the tediousness and cost of replacement, saving time and effort. 4. Price concessions. The automatic cement brick machine has a simple structure, a simple manufacturing process, and belongs to traditional brick making equipment. It has rich manufacturing experience and low production costs. 40 tons of coal automatic cement brick machine per hour Model: Huagong 2PGC600 × 500 Model specifications Production capacity can process 30-10,000 pieces of coal material per hour, motor power: 4P, 11 × 2KW, roller diameter 600mm, roller length 500mm, granularity of discharge: 15-100mm. In addition to this model meeting the production needs of 40 tons per hour, Fujian Huagong Machinery also supports tailor-made equipment to create exclusive equipment that better meets your production needs.

3. How much is a full-automatic cement brick machine? So how much is a 2PGC600 × 500 full-automatic cement brick machine that produces 40 tons of coal per hour? Although a specific model and specification are given here, different manufacturers, different purchase methods (online purchase or direct purchase by manufacturers), spot or custom equipment, the price of automatic cement brick machine is different in different ways. For a quotation of a 40-ton coal automatic cement brick machine, you need to consult the manufacturer to get an accurate quotation. For more information about full-automatic cement brick machine, please click on customer service to learn about it. Now you can make an appointment to come to the factory for a free tour test machine. Fujian Huagong Machinery looks forward to your arrival.


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