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how much hollow block machine prices

Hollow Brick Machine Introduction

      Hollow brick machine refers to the machinery and equipment for producing concrete hollow blocks. This brick machine can use fly ash, crushed construction waste, tailings slag, slag, stone, stone powder as raw materials. It is a new type of environmental protection on the market. Building materials machinery and equipment. The new wall materials produced by the hollow brick machine are mainly concrete blocks, concrete blocks, cement blocks, cement standard bricks, concrete hollow bricks, colored pavement bricks, square bricks, and roadside stones.

HGMA Brick Machine Specifications

     There are many models of automatic hollow brick machines produced by Fujian HGMA Brick Machine, ranging from semi-automatic manual brick machines QT4-30, QT4-40 to automatic brick machines, as well as automatic brick machines. The specifications are QT3-15, QT4- 15, QT6-15, QT8-15, QT10-15, QT12-15, QT15-15D, etc., supporting automatic board loading and palletizing machines can complete fully automated production operations.

Hollow brick machine price

       How much is a hollow brick machine? Hollow brick machine is the main production equipment of cement brick products. At present, because of the uneven quality of manufacturers, the price of hollow brick machine is also the same. Generally, the price of brick machine of large manufacturers will be more expensive because it involves advertising costs and factory operating costs. The price of the factory will be slightly lower, but some are not satisfactory in terms of quality. When considering the price of the brick machine, the automation of the brick machine must be considered. Some netizens on the Internet said that the price of semi-automatic brick machines can generally be bought in the tens of thousands, and the full brake brick machines need more than 100,000, which is basically the case. How much money a brick machine depends on the actual situation and talk with the manufacturer at the same time I didn't know until I talked.


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