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Production of hgma construction waste brick making machine in Hubei

Recently, a set of qt10-15 concrete brick machine has been set up in Shiyan City, Hubei Province. This set of brick making machine is organized by using construction waste and tailings. After investigation and in-depth understanding and comparison of domestic and foreign manufacturers, Shiyan customers finally chose Huagong brick making machine. Not only because of the excellent technology of Fujian Huagong brick machine equipment, as well as the successful cases of Huagong users at home and abroad, but also because the pragmatic attitude of Huagong people fits the style of Shiyan customers. For every user who chooses Huagong, we are grateful and ask ourselves to live up to the trust and expectation of users.

The process of cooperation is pleasant and smooth. All problems can be solved under the premise of mutual consultation, mutual understanding, mutual help and common development. After the installation and debugging of the after-sales engineer, the equipment has been put into production smoothly. There are not only the diligent and down-to-earth efforts of the Chinese workshop workers, but also the efforts of the Chinese after-sales engineers to keep their promises and maintain their honor, which is inseparable from the close cooperation of the two teams.

This set of production line is qt10-15 concrete brick machine equipment, used to produce high-grade floor tiles, curbs, hollow and hydraulic products and a full range of concrete products.

At present, it's time for local shantytowns to be transformed. The raw material for brick making by customers is to use the local construction waste to make bricks and turn waste into treasure. It can be said that it's a good time to put into production, and it's a good place for both people and people. Here, I wish Shiyan customers a prosperous business, financial resources rolling in, and I wish the cooperation between the two sides will bear more fruits!


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