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What pay attention should be concrete block making machine in daily maintenance

The concrete block making machine belongs to the cement brick making machine equipment. With high quality electro-hydraulic control system and high-tech hydraulic system, under the precise sequence of low-voltage operation, it increases the pressure, pressurization and automatic feeding. There are many problems in the production and use of concrete block making machine. If you don't pay attention to the details, it will bring unstable factors to the production and operation.

Detail 1: for example, it is found that there is no pressure phenomenon in the cylinder of concrete block making machine, which may be the valve block blockage. Or it may be that the hydraulic oil is dirty. You can clean the valve block, and then clean the oil tank. There will be no problem. Of course, it should be cleaned in the future.

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Detail 2: the operation stops suddenly, and it will not be able to run if it is set to manual mode. This may be a problem in the route, it may be the limit switch damaged or broken. Sometimes pay attention to the oil temperature, too high oil temperature will lead to unstable operation of the equipment.

Detail 3: before the static press stops working, the material must be pressed in the mold of the brick machine, otherwise the material will stick to the mold, which will affect the future work. Also pay attention to the filling material inside the mold of hydraulic brick machine, otherwise it will cause the phenomenon of pressing mold.

Detail 4: column and oil cylinder shall be equipped with dust cover. In the production process, there will be dust or dust, in order to avoid entering the cylinder, blocking the oil circuit. Before going to and from work, check whether the screw of brick machine is loose. Due to long-term use, some screws may be loose to avoid major accidents.

Detail 5: before each production, the command input of electronic control cabinet must be correct. Non workers are not allowed to operate the control cabinet at will. During production, the control cabinet can see the whole working process, so as to ensure that the whole production line can be adjusted appropriately according to the production needs. The internal wiring of electronic control cabinet is very complicated. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure its dry ventilation, so as to avoid short circuit caused by moisture.


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