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Quanzhou brick machine factory which good?

With the rapid development of the society, the surrounding environment and the standards for housing requirements are getting higher and higher, which inevitably leads to the rapid development of the brick industry. Quanzhou, Fujian Province, which is the production base of cement brick machines, has also provided more opportunities and better equipment for the brick industry.
As we all know, the china concrete brick machine produced in Quanzhou, Fujian,  has the best quality.Quanzhou brick machine production enterprises adhere to the principle of environmental protection, promote economic development as a requirement, adhere to the principle of first-class service, and provide universal cement brick machine, fully automatic brick making machine, small brick making machine and non-burning brick making machine in the market. , cement brick machine, various block brick machine and other brick making equipment.

The following HGMA brick machine manufacturers in Quanzhou, Fujian, share with you what features are needed for the next high-quality brick machine.

1. The design scheme is effective. The automatic car transfer board system is adopted, the feeding material, the mandatory fabric system software, the indenter and the die box system software, the automatic circulation system can be manufactured and manufactured, and the production is highly efficient. The amount of bricks is large and the quality of crafts is stable.
2, machine equipment, electricity, liquid coordination, PLC manipulation, program flow self-locking interlock self-protection, operation can be trusted, the actual operation of the page on the main control panel computer (Chinese / English menu, LCD touch screen display), Maintain the main parameter settings of the machine equipment, any data signal collection, fault detection analysis, and adjust the machine equipment to the best working attitude. Real-time monitoring, common fault finding and system updates are also maintained based on remote control communications.


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