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How to choose the brick making machine mold

With the wide use of cement brick machines, there are many brands and types. However, when choosing these cement brick machines, we must carefully check and measure them. Although some cement brick machine moulds are relatively cheap in price, there are some problems in the quality and output in the process of use. Therefore, when we choose the cement brick machines, we must carefully check and measure them, Must not only from the level of cement brick machine price to measure, this is likely to make our purchase of cement brick machine equipment quality defects.

The requirement of brick making machine mold production is to use steel with good strength, because the use of brick making machine mold needs to meet the requirements of rigidity and wear resistance. Secondly, the mold of brick making machine needs quenching heat treatment to obtain better toughness and hardness, and improve its own performance. In this way, the service life of brick making machine mold will be doubled. The price of brick making machine mold without heat treatment is different from that of brick making machine mold after heat treatment. The heat treatment is higher, but the performance is much stronger than that without heat treatment. Therefore, it is recommended to customers When purchasing brick machine mold, do not covet cheap, try to buy brick machine mold after heat treatment to ensure performance advantages.

As the main part and main loss part in the operation process of brick machine, the use and maintenance of brick making machine mold is very important, which is directly related to the service life and use effect of brick making machine mold. There are many kinds of brick making machine molds of non burning brick machine, such as hollow brick making machine mold, porous brick making machine mold, standard brick making machine mold, roadside brick making machine mold. Different brick making machine molds can produce different types of brick types. As the main wear and tear parts of the brick making machine, the mould of the brick making machine requires high wear resistance, strong rigidity and strong toughness. In this way, it is required that the brick machine mold has good performance, so as to work for a long time. In order to make the brick machine mold have longer service life and use effect, it is very important to maintain and maintain the brick making machine mold.

After reading the above introduction of the service life and influencing factors of the cement brick machine mold, it is not difficult to see that in the purchase of cement brick machine, in addition to the quality of the equipment, the selection of the brick making machine mold is also very important. Because the brick making machine mold can not only provide us with more types of unburned bricks, but also improve our economic benefits. In addition, the special brick making machine mold will increase its strength in the process of non firing brick treatment, so that the quality of non fired brick is better. Therefore, the key to affect the service life of the whole brick machine mold is its quality, which is also an important factor that we need to pay attention to in the selection process.


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