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What is the demand for hydraulic oil for cement brick machines

With the accelerated development of the construction industry, the development of cement brick machines has been driven. The cement brick machine is an integrated electro-hydraulic equipment. It is inevitable to update the hydraulic oil in the equipment, but under what circumstances it is a problem to change the oil. As an authoritative manufacturer of cement brick machine equipment,Fujian HGMA Machinery Co., Ltd. is obliged to explain to you how to change the hydraulic oil under what circumstances, let us take a look!
Transparent appearance, no discoloration, no peculiar smell, good viscosity when pouring oil, good flow continuity, use time less than ten months, you can continue to use;
The oil turns dark brown and smells, indicating that the oil is severely oxidized, and the hydraulic oil of the brick making machine must be replaced immediately.
   The hydraulic oil is transparent, but has small black spots or other impurities, has no peculiar smell, and has good fluidity. You can filter the oil first after multiple filtrations. Check the appearance of the brick machine equipment and use it after the oil viscosity reaches the standard;
The oil in the oil tank of the cement brick machine is transparent, but it has colored lines and no peculiar smell. Use an instrument to check the viscosity of the oil. If the standard can be met, you can continue to use it. However, try to avoid mixing oils of different brands or models, otherwise it may cause unknown failures and greatly shorten the service life of hydraulic oil;
This oil has obviously turned into a milky white heron, but it has no special smell. At this point, this means that water and air have been mixed into the oil. The water and air must be separated before use, and the appearance and viscosity of the oil must be checked.


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