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concrete brick making machine production a day?

Brick machine production hollow brick output

How many cement bricks can be produced by a concrete brick making machine in a day? This will vary depending on the machine model and the size of the bricks. Of course, the output will be different. The automatic QT6-15 cement brick machine produced by Fujian Huagong Machinery Co., Ltd. produces a size of 390 * As an example, a 190 * 190 hollow block is calculated based on 8 hours a day. It is easy to produce about 1700 pallets a day under other circumstances such as agitator mixing raw materials. One pallet is 6 1700 * 6 = 10200 pieces.

Brick machine production cement brick output

Different brick machine manufacturers produce brick machines because of their different molding areas, and they produce cement standard bricks with a size of 240 * 115 * 5.1. The same bricks can be produced using the fully automatic QT6-15 cement brick machine. One mold can produce 34 bricks. On the premise that all aspects of supply guarantee are ready, you can produce 2000 boards left 2000 * 34 = 68000 pieces a day. At this time you may ask why the output of cement standard bricks is higher than hollow bricks. This is actually the structure of bricks. There is a certain relationship. Although it is the same QT6-15 cement brick making machine, because the cement standard brick is a solid brick, whether it is in the cloth or pressing process, it must be faster than the hollow brick and the vibration time is slightly shortened.


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