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How to use cement brick machine correctly?

How to treat and use cement brick machine correctly? Today, fujian huagong unburned brick factory teach you how to extend the service life of brick machine.
1, to extend the service life, should often maintain free of burning brick machine cleaning, eliminate the brick machine waste, grease, clean the surface layer of the brick machine.

2, for a new purchase of the brick machine, often regularly check the adjustment of the gap in the position of the brick machine, to ensure the normal production of the brick machine.

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3, if the brick machine must be long-term preservation, the parts do anti-rust treatment maintenance, and every three months check once, the application of the car to use gasoline to wash, and again wipe oil.
4, in the process of use, the application of the wearing parts of the brick machine damaged to harm the brick machine all normal work, should be immediately removed and replaced.
5, free of burning brick machine after all normal operation, most half a year should do an overhaul inspection, a year should do a maintenance inspection.


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