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Concrete Block Machine Maintaining Electric Control System Method

Method of Maintaining Electric Control System of Concrete block machine

First of all, the electric control system of the concrete block forming machine includes the plate connecting machine, the material distributor, the palletizing machine. These knobs are all active when they are opened in place and stop automatically. Open stop (emergency stop and manual/active knob are outside).
Secondly, clean the bare touch text display with no gloves, and do not scratch or hit the screen with hard objects.
Third, check whether the power supply is properly connected every time you start the machine. The power supply is a 380V three-phase four-wire AC power supply. Turn on the circuit breaker of the electric control cabinet. Whether the voltage of each voltage is normal. PLC, text display and limit switch No damage or looseness.
Finally, in the event of a thunderstorm, production should be suspended and all power supplies should be closed. The electric control box should be well grounded.


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